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CT scans are the leading imaging technology to diagnose any dental issues you might have. Paul Y. Roe, DDS, at PR Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Bothell and Maple Valley, Washington, offers men and women cutting-edge imaging services to make sure your overall dental health can withstand the treatment required to eliminate pain, fix any gum and tissue damage, and meet your dental goals. Contact the office today by phone or online to learn more.

CT Scan Q & A

What is a CT scan?

CT scans refer to an imaging technology that allows Dr. Roe to get a detailed and clear picture of your teeth and bones.

Dental CT scans functions similarly to X-rays. In most cases, Dr. Roe asks you to sit upright while the device rotates around your skull. This enables the machine to capture a 3D image of your mouth.

CT scans offer a much more detailed image than a regular X-ray. Dr. Roe performs one when a traditional X-ray won’t provide enough information for him to make a comprehensive assessment of the issue at hand.

What’s the importance of CT scans?

CT scans are the most vital diagnostic tool in determining the kind of treatment you need or in assessing the state of any given dental issue.

For instance, Dr. Roe might order a CT scan if you’re about to undergo a dental implant procedure. This allows him to see your jaw bone density and width, and to evaluate the damage in the affected area.

Dr. Roe can recommend a CT scan if you’re about to undergo any of the following procedures:

  • Bone grafting
  • Jaw reconstruction
  • Implants
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Facial trauma treatment

Dr. Roe might also suggest that you get a CT scan to track the progress of your root canal treatment. The CT scan ensures that there are no complications related to your treatment.

You should speak to Dr. Roe about the benefits of getting a CT scan to determine precisely the cause of your discomfort. A CT scan will help Dr. Roe make the most accurate assessment of your tooth’s condition and determine whether your overall dental health allows for his recommended treatment option.

What are the risks of CT scans?

The advantage of dental CT scans is that they expose you to minimal radiation levels. In so doing, the CT scan poses minimal risks. In fact, it has more advantages than risks, as it can diagnose and identify any issues that need immediate treatment.

Diagnosis is the first step to any dental treatment. Get in touch with PR Cosmetic and Family Dentistry by phone or by using the online booking tool to learn more about the benefits of dental CT scans.